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Fitness Brand Collaborations Are Revamping The Traditional Hotel Experience

So long to the days of heading down to your local gym and running on the treadmill for an hour to burn a few calories. There’s a new fitness phenomenon that’s taking over and social media savvy brands are using their influence to not only reshape where we work out and how we work out, but also making sure that we look good doing it.

Unlike traditional gyms, and thanks to popular trends like yoga, HIIT, boxing, and CrossFit, boutique fitness studios offer a more personalized feel to training by working out with a community of peers under the guidance from experienced and motivating trainers in a more intimidate setting.

The fitness industry is experiencing a renaissance and lifestyle hotels are jumping on board, hosting events and classes with top trainers that fully embrace looking and feeling your best. W Hollywood is the most recent hotel to collaborate with fitness brands to bring guests and the local community a new fitness experience. This summer marks the launch of Summer (G)LOVE, a series of high intensity boxing infused workouts held at the Hollywood hot spot hotel, sponsored by Finish Line and led by celebrity trainer Marc Coronel.

“Our guests like to work hard, play hard and stay fit,” says W Hollywood General Manager Leon Young. “Offering unique ways to keep in shape is part of our FUEL passion point and is the perfect way to detox before you retox.”

“I felt it was important to team up with a cutting-edge hotel like W Hollywood, because they recognize the needs of their guests and local fitness enthusiasts, and understand how to attract them. W Hollywood doesn’t shy away from incorporating luxury lifestyle trends to accommodate guests during their stay, and as a trainer your job revolves around understanding your client’s needs,” says Coronel, founder of Lifestyle Athletics.

Marc breaks down what the Summer (G)LOVE series consists of and what makes it unique by adding, “my background is in boxing so it made perfect sense to infuse boxing with familiar workouts like HIIT and calisthenics. What makes this event unique is we provide guests with a great workout in a non-traditional gym environment and include elements of fashion by pairing major brands who align with our mission such as Finish Line Women and their #wearemore campaign to provide guests with exposure to the best fashion apparel and footwear to rock during their workouts.”

According to Marissa Lucero, Women’s Brand Manager at Finish Line, “#WeAreMore is about showing our female consumer that Finish Line understands she’s more than meets the eye. We’re committed to helping her look good & feel good in all aspects of her life.”

Brand Collaborations like these are great bonus incentives that you wouldn’t otherwise get at a traditional hotel. Before you book your next hotel, check to see what fitness options they have outside of the classic gym. Hospitality brands all over the world are implementing similar programs to ensure guests receive the ultimate experience during their stay and don’t miss a beep even while traveling. If you’ve been thinking about trying out a new workout, then this could be the perfect introduction to trying a new class since hotels are offering these services complimentary to your stay.

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